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Marco Bicego

Marco Bicego

Marco Bicego Fashion Designer Jewelry

Marco Bicego "The inspiration behind the creation of my jewels is rooted in my Venetian origins and the natural settings surrounding my territory. I have always believed in quality and in the secrets of Italian jewelry. The Marco Bicego brand combines old world tradition with contemporary design and conveys the typical values and details of Made in Italy. The distinct uniqueness of my timeless jewels can be described through artisanal craftsmanship and imperfect shapes, always made in 18 carat gold."

Handmade design jewelry from Marco Bicego Made in Italy. Rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings in yellow gold, white gold, precious stones and diamonds.

The brand seen from a new perspective. Marco Bicego portrayed thanks to the clipboards, sensations and taste of the most authoritative international editors and stylists.

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  • Pearl Earring

    From the Jaipur Color collection

    by Marco Bicego

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