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Carl Saenger & Paul Campbell

Take the Ride, to the 5th Floor

In 1898 when The American Jewelry Company first opened it's doors, a tradition of unsurpassed Service, Quality, and Value was born. As the years passed, that tradition became more and more entrenched in how we approach our business.

The American Jewelry Company acknowledges that today's customers are more sophisticated and that tastes are more individualized. In order to provide these customers with the highest level of service, we offer a state of the art shop capable of creating just the right piece for your gemstones or ours.

For over 100 years, the American Jewelry Company has been providing our customers with exceptional products backed by superior service. With its rich tradition of quality and caring, The American Jewelry Company looks forward to many more decades of service to customers who have a deep respect for quality, a thirst for knowledge and a desire for a trusting relationship with a very personalized firm. It is our desire that our website will continue that tradition.